It is hard to have a dog that pees and poops in your home. The frustration, the disappointment, even anger sometimes.  We bring dogs into our homes for the companionship, to love and enjoy.  We don’t bring dogs into our house so we can enjoy years of cleaning up pee and poop.

A dog that pees and poops in your house can cause rifts in relationships with partners, family members and damage to your relationship with your dog.  It is frustrating, so you keep looking for answers; the internet, friends’ family and none of their well-meaning advice makes a difference.  Your dog is still peeing and pooping in your home.  You feel like you have tried everything, and nothing seems to work.  Mentally, you just quit.  You feel like any further effort is useless, nothing will work anyway.  If you are feeling this way about your dog peeing or pooping in your home, well you have not yet tried everything my friend.   You have not used the Happier Dog House- Training Method which will allow you to live your best life ever with your dog and enjoy a pee-free ever after.  At The Happier Dog we help you understand why your dog continues to pee and poop in your home, and what to do about it using our easy to follow, step by step process.  You have options to create a personalized program that works best for you.  If you are the DIY type, there is a self-paced, online course that will set you up for success.  If you feel like you need 1:1 coaching, we have got you covered!  After you go through the course you will enjoy a one-hour private coaching session with a certified trainer.  Feel like you would like more support and your own personal coach? We are here for you. The Signature, Happier Dog House-Training Method includes the online course which will give you the foundation for success.  After the online course you will enjoy 4 weeks personalized coaching which includes weekly, private, remote sessions to discuss your dogs’ special situation, and your own personal coach checking in with you daily, M-F to set you up for success.

To discuss The Happier Dog Housetraining Method, click here to schedule a free discovery call.   Together we will find the best option for you and your dog.

Have the courage to try one more time. Make 2023 you pee-free ever after.