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About the Happier Dog Training

The Happier Dog utilizes an aversive free, science based methodology. We offer training and behavior modification in a fun and motivating environment. “Special leadership”, dominance theories, nor magical potions are needed – just science and skill. We use methods founded in science and proven in practice to motivate the pet.

At The Happier Dog, training and communications are based on respect for both the human and animal. Fear and discomfort will not teach a dog new skills, but it can impart distrust and aggression. These methods should never be utilized in training. We use force free methods that everyone can feel good about. We operate on what science supports. Behavior modification and learning is the most effective when it occurs in a fun and enjoyable environment for all participants. We are committed to supporting you throughout the process, from start to finish, so that you achieve the results you want.

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Services Offered

General Modification Support
Manners, food, toy and location guarding, husbandry, aggression, fear, phobias.

Day Training

We will come to your home and work with your dog while you are out and about. When we are ready to transition, you will be taught how to maintain the behaviors.


Are you more of a do it yourselfer? Great, we will work together and you will be guided through the training process with plenty of support.

Happier Vet Visits

Is your dog terrified by a visit to the vet? Veterinary care experiences filled with fear, anxiety and stress can have lasting effects that negatively impacts the emotional health and behavior of your dog. We can help you and your dog feel more comfortable with the Happier Vet Visits program. The uniqueness of each animal and situation requires a team approach to develop a plan that takes into account the well-being of your dog.

Potty Training Rehabilitation

Is your dog a chronic marker? Having accidents here and there or sees your carpet as the perfect potty patch? Relief is on the way! This can also be done remotely using skype or similar communication program.

Puppy Socialization

Puppyhood is critical to shaping your dog’s behavior as an adult. A dedicated effort early on may be the single best investment in a dog. We will work with your puppy to teach them basic manners like potty training and ensure they have a wide variety of safe experiences as they learn how to live in a human’s world.

Let's Talk Enrichment

Do you have a happy dog you would like to make even happier? We can help with that. You will learn a variety of games to play and enrichment activities with your dog. This can also be done remotely.


Kathleen has successfully completed The Academy for Dog Trainers internationally acclaimed program. Graduates of this program are considered leaders in the field of behavior modification, and have a well-earned reputation as being comprehensively trained for the job of pet dog training, able to achieve outcomes humanely and efficiency. She is also a Fear Free Certified Trainer. Kathleen has been a foster Mom working with dog rescue for over a decade. She has had many dogs come through her doors with a variety of behavioral challenges. She believes in positive reinforcement for the dog and the humans. She will partner with and support you throughout the process.

Consumer Protection Warning:

Dog training is an unregulated industry. There are no minimum educational requirements. The American Veterinary Society for Animal Behavior has published the following position statements to guide dog owners in choosing a trainer:


Working with us may result in the following side effects.

Happier dogs

More time enjoying the company of your furry friend

Increased smiles, kisses, and wet noses

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  • CTC Certified Trainer
  • Fear Free Certified Trainer
  • 20+ years in the Pet Industry including Pet Rescue work
  • Serving Florida's Brevard County. Remote services also available
  • References available upon request