Positive Reinforcement training solutions

for your dogs unwanted behaviors.

The Happier Dog, A Happier You


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  • Are you embarrassed by your dogs behavior?

  • Have you tried everything and nothing seems to work?

  • Worried you’ll never find a solution for your dogs unwanted behaviors?

The Happier Dog-A Happier You♥.

Our hearts break when we hear people talk about their struggles they have with their dogs’ unwanted behaviors.  A compassionate, certified, fear free trainer will guide you through a step by step, easy to follow process.

You will be proud of your dog, enjoying the loving relationship you always imagined.

The Happier Dog – A Happier You.

We understand how it feels to struggle with your dogs unwanted behaviors.

We get it, we understand how it feels to struggle with your dogs unwanted behaviors.  We know first hand how frustrating it is to know there is a better way to manage their behavior, but not know how or what to do.  Through our training, and patience we have helped hundreds of people with their dogs unwanted behaviors. Helping people just like you to having the loving relationship with their dog the way they always imagined.

House training

You have tried everything and nothing seems to work!

Tired of cleaning up pee & poop in your home? We understand how frustrating it is & have designed a course specifically for you. The Happier Dog House Training Method is a self paced, online course. You will have the support of an online community & certified trainer to support you through the process. Register here today!

Separation Anxiety

Dealing with your dog’s separation anxiety can be heartbreaking and exhausting. We will guide you through our separation anxiety training in a simple, step by step process to help you and your dog have a happier life. Click here to schedule your free discovery call today!

Fearful and Aggressive Dogs

Behavior is an indicator of how your dog is feeling

Your dogs’ behavior is an indicator of how your dog is feeling. Lunging, growling, barking, we can help! . Click here to schedule your free discovery call today!

Healthy, Adult Dogs Can Be Housetrained  – It is not too late. Oftentimes our dogs have been giving us many signals that they need to go outside. The signs are subtle and easy to miss.  Click here for the “Top Signs Your Dog Needs To Potty”




Step 1.

Making the first step
is as easy as a free consultation.

Step 2.

We know our process works.
It’s an easy step by step
process that is easy to follow.

Step 3

Continue to build a loving
relationship with your dog.

At The Happier Dog we believe people want to enjoy their dog, have a bonded, loving relationship.  People struggle with their dogs unwanted behavior; they want to change it but don’t know how.  It is upsetting for both the dog and the people.  At The Happier Dog we understand the struggle and the frustration of knowing there is a better way to manage their dogs behavior but not know how or what to do have that relationship people so desperately want to have with their dog.  Our easy to follow, step by step process, using only positive reinforcement in a fear free environment helps people find the solutions they have been so desperately seeking. You can stop struggling and enjoy a happy, fulfilling bond with your dog.

The Happier Dog – A Happier You

I worked with Kathleen on remote sessions only.  Before I met her I was worried I would never get my dog potty trained. She has been a life saver, wonderful to work with. I would have been lost without her.

Roger F.

Kathleen provides exceptional service. She is truly passionate about educating dog owners and providing great training techniques and concepts.

Stacy T.

Kathleen did an amazing job of working with our reactive rescue, Tex. There aren’t many trainers who I think have the knowledge, skills, and empathy to work with dogs like Tex

Julie N.

Kathleen was able to offer good practices that will be easily incorporated in daily routines. She is very patient, loving and kind

Lori H.

Training Solutions for Your Dogs Unwanted Behavior

The Happier Dog utilizes an aversive free, science based methodology. We offer training and behavior modification in a fun and motivating environment in the Williamsburg and Hampton Roads, Virginia areas. “Special leadership”, dominance theories, nor magical potions are needed – just science and skill. We use methods founded in science and proven in practice to motivate the pet.

At The Happier Dog, training and communications are based on respect for both the human and animal. Fear and discomfort will not teach a dog new skills, but it can impart distrust and aggression. These methods should never be utilized in training. We use force free methods that everyone can feel good about. We operate on what science supports. Behavior modification and learning is the most effective when it occurs in a fun and enjoyable environment for all participants. We are committed to supporting you throughout the process, from start to finish, so that you achieve the results you want.

Contact us today to discuss your training needs. Located in Williamsburg, VA and servicing all surrounding areas.


Training from Williamsburg, Virginia, Kathleen has successfully completed The Academy for Dog Trainers internationally acclaimed program. Graduates of this program are considered leaders in the field of behavior modification, and have a well-earned reputation as being comprehensively trained for the job of pet dog training, able to achieve outcomes humanely and efficiency. She is also a Fear Free Certified Trainer. Kathleen has been a foster Mom working with dog rescue for over a decade. She has had many dogs come through her doors with a variety of behavioral challenges. She believes in positive reinforcement for the dog and the humans. She will partner with and support you throughout the process.

Consumer Protection Warning:

Dog training is an unregulated industry. There are no minimum educational requirements. The American Veterinary Society for Animal Behavior has published the following position statements to guide dog owners in choosing a trainer:


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Happier dogs

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  • B.A. of Psychology
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  • Fear Free Certified Trainer
  • Separation Anxiety PRO
  • 20+ years in the Pet Industry including Pet Rescue work
  • Serving domestic and international clients via remote sessions
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